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The NUMMI plant shutdown put 4,700 people
out of work. How Aurica will help.

The NUMMI plant in Fremont, California was shut down by Toyota at the end of March 2010. This put 4,700 automobile manufacturing professionals out of work. Not only did the people of NUMMI and their families lose their livelihoods, the closing impacts 50,000 or more individuals who work for companies who supply NUMMI with parts and services. This represents a significant portion of the Bay Area industrial sector. As part of the surprise deal announced on May 20 by Tesla and Toyota, Tesla plans to hire 1,000 of the displaced workers by 2012.

Aurica Motors car

Aurica’s solution for the remaining 3,700 skilled professionals.
Our plan is to put these skilled people back to work manufacturing Aurica electric cars in the Silicon Valley. Not only that, Aurica’s plant will be making more than cars. Components like our exclusive Recurve Drive, which extends the range per battery charge, will be made there. Along with our modular battery charging kiosks. So, we’ll be creating jobs for the skilled NUMMI workforce, retraining them in electric car manufacturing, batteries and other new technology.

Manufacturing zero-emission cars is cleaner too. An electric car plant has a fraction of the environmental impact of one that makes gasoline-powered cars.

How you can help.
We are seeking Department of Energy funding to get Aurica up and running. You can help by lending your support, because when enough people speak about positive change, Washington will want to listen. Public support will also help us get the necessary clearances locally to build our plant. So add your name to the growing list of supporters on this site and become an Aurica Motors fan on Facebook.

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