Aurica Labs
Aurica - All electric. All American.

It’s powered by the Sun, the Wind, or your very own garage.

Electric Cars are supposed to be better for the environment mostly because they don’t emit greenhouse gases. True, but that’s only half the story. If you recharge them by plugging into the power grid, which is currently fueled by mostly fossil fuels (oil, coal) you’re still an indirect polluter. This is sometimes referred to as the “long tail pipe of coal.”

Aurica's concept is to recharge our PEP (Power Exchange Package) battery modules with renewable energy.

Aurica gives you more options.
With the Aurica, you can make your own choices. Use our innovative battery charging stations - which the NUMMI plant will be manufacturing and distributing too. Aurica PEP Staions will stock freshly charged batteries. In 3 minutes or less, they will remove your partly discharged battery and slip in a fully charged replacement. Those recharged batteries may be charged from the grid, at first, but as more Auricas are made and more solar and wind energy sources are constructed, the quick swap batteries will be completely recharged with, as we say, green watts.

Aurica Motors car Never get stranded again. We take you much farther on the same charge.
Aurica’s battery support system has been standardized so that it can use the latest state-of-the-art rechargeable batteries. We’ve identified the “best in class” batteries that optimize the trade-offs between weight, size, and storage capacity. Aurica makes each charge last up to twice as long with our advanced, proprietary drive technology (See drive system). Plus the battery systems are rented. You pay only for the energy, we recycle the batteries themselves as needed.

If you’ve ever worried about being stranded in an electric car that’s run out of juice, the Aurica Recurve will give you peace of mind once and for all. We’re the first to combine longer travel range with flexible charging options. Studies show that charging options are the wave of the future, but the Aurica is here now. Together, we can make this a part of your future, too.


Swap at a convenient
charging station.

Swing into an Aurica PEP (Power Exchange Package) recharging station, and within minutes, they will swap out your spent battery, and snap in a fresh one automatically. No waiting. The larger PEP recharging depots will be using solar and wind energy, so you can rest easy knowing you’re avoiding the “long tail pipe” of fossil fuel.

Or, you can still recharge at home. Just plug in overnight.
Prefer to just plug in at home and go to bed? No problem. Recharging at home overnight, when power is more economical, is still a worthwhile option. If your home is solar powered, you may also be entitled to energy credits at the battery charging stations, saving you even more money.