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The Aurica E-Car.
An Electric Car with a Whole New Idea.

Aurica is an Electric Car with a purpose: to make electric cars more practical while saving jobs, the Bay Area economy, and the environment - all at the same time.

On March 31, 2010 Toyota shut down the NUMMI automobile manufacturing plant in Fremont, California. 4,700 people lost their jobs – except for the skeleton crew dismantling the plant. Besides the NUMMI workforce, this shutdown also impacts another 50,000 or more people throughout the Bay Area providing this massive plant with parts and supplies.

Aurica Motors had always planned to take over the NUMMI plant to make Aurica electric vehicles. Then came the surprise announcement by Tesla on May 20, 2010. Toyota is investing $50 million in Tesla Motors to help it buy NUMMI.

Aurica Motors car

Replacing the other 3,700 NUMMI jobs: clean electric car manufacturing.
Tesla plans to hire 1,000 people by 2012, hopefully from NUMMI. This leaves 3,700 unaccounted for. Aurica’s plan now is to put the skilled NUMMI people back to work at a new facility in the Silicon Valley. We are looking at Bay Area locations suitable for manufacturing not only Aurica electric cars, but our proprietary components and charging stations as well. Manufacturing electric cars has a fraction of the environmental impact of gasoline-based cars. Once we are up and running, Aurica Motors will become a catalyst for new economic expansion in Northern California.

Enviromentally more advanced.
The 100% emission-free Aurica E-Car helps save the environment in more ways than one. Other electric cars use only “grid” power, which comes mainly from fossil fuels like oil and coal. The Aurica Motors concept is to recharge our interchangeable quick swap battery with solar, wind and tidal energy, storing renewable power for use even when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

Go farther.
Aurica has overcome the two largest obstacles to buying electric cars: overall driving distance and long recharging times. The Aurica E-Car goes farther on a single charge than ever possible before. Aurica’s new technologies run much more efficiently than typical motor drives. And getting a new charge can take as little as three minutes. Pull into one of our PEP (Power Exchange Package) modular charging kiosks and quickly swap out the battery with one that’s freshly charged with renewable energy. Or, for more convenience, simply plug it in at home.

Want a new ride? Swap body styles.
Because Electric Cars have so few moving parts, the Aurica frame and drive system could easily last for 20 years or more with minimal maintenance. Instead of buying a new car every 2 to 5 years, you can just swap out an older body style for a brand new look for less than a third the price of a new car. Now that’s economical sustainability.

The Aurica E-Car Series will begin with four body styles all built to fit on the same standard chassis. You can get a sporty economy car, a mid-sized 4-door sedan, a stylish SUV hatchback, or a light pickup truck. More body styles and color combinations will be available every year. We will even assist custom body designers to offer more exotic designs that fit the chassis perfectly.

The best of everything.
The beauty of Aurica Motors electric car design is that you can make them with existing off-the-shelf car parts. This common supply base already exists. Someone just has to pull it all together. That’s what Aurica Motors is doing. We are sourcing and testing the best of the industry and adding our own innovations to create an electric car that does more for the people, the economy, and the environment than ever before.

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The safest car on the road.
The Aurica E-Cars will have the highest safety rating of any car today. We’ve integrated more safety features in our standard car frame. From conventional systems like seatbelts and airbags, to advanced crush zones and sled technology, Aurica E-Car Series will be the safest cars on the road. Here are a few reasons why.

Lighter Overall Weight
Less weight means less kinetic energy; and less kinetic energy means it is much easier to slow the E-Car down when you really need to.

Front and Rear Crush Zones
Bolted onto both ends of the frame design, lightweight honeycomb crush zones absorb tremendous amounts of kinetic energy in a collision before damaging the frame itself. The crush zones are easily replaced.

Passenger Sled
Using massive shock absorbers, the sled system has an extra foot or so for slowing down the passengers in severe head-on crash scenarios. Combined with crush zones, this extra foot could save an extra life.

All-Wheel Drive
Four wheel-motors with fail safe technology give optimal traction in all weather conditions.

Anti-Slip Drive Train
Real-time traction control gives you maximum acceleration and the shortest braking distances.

True Radial Steering
With our unique frame design, all wheels track along the same arc, giving superior handling around tight corners.

Front and Side Airbags
Installed for all passenger seats, these and seatbelts have become a necessary requirement for true crash safety.

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