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To get Aurica Motors up and running, we need Federal funding and popular support. If you support Aurica’s plan to save the other 3,700 NUMMI jobs, the Bay Area economy and the environment, let your voice be heard.

When enough people speak, the City, State and Federal decision-makers will listen. You’ll be a catalyst for the birth of a new Electric Car industry based in California.

Choose one of these three ways to show your support:

1) Yes, I support Aurica’s plan to build electric cars in the Silicon Valley.
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3) I support the plan and would like to sign a petition for government stimulus funding and DOE grants for the Aurica Motors manufacturing plant. Give your vote for a real impact by digitally signing your name and providing your address below.

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Click here if your job was directly affected by the NUMMI plant closing.

Other ways to get involved

Become an investor
Would you like to be an early investor in Aurica and the birth of the California electric car Industry? Let’s begin a conversation. Obviously, the details of investment agreements will be spelled out in a legal contract. If interested send an email to:

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