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Aurica - All electric. All American.

The new hub of the electric car industry, recharging our new economy with common sense.

The Silicon Valley is officially on the road to becoming the hub of electric vehicle research, innovation and manufacturing. Toyota has invested $50 million for Tesla to buy the NUMMI facility in Fremont. Aurica’s intends to manufacture in the Silicon Valley as well.

Silicon-based cars based in the Silicon Valley.
It only makes sense that the new electric car industry be nurtured here in the Bay Area, the heart and soul of the digital age and clean technology. Much of the cutting-edge technology used in the Aurica E-Car comes out of the Silicon Valley ecosystem to begin with. Aurica Motors owns proprietary innovations in drive train advances and battery design components that make success more certain.

Aurica Motors car

Manufacturing Aurica E-Cars in theBay area will have a positive effect on all sectors of the California economy, including employment, the tax base, real estate values, and a robust retail sector.

Hundreds of automotive industry suppliers will collaborate, restock, and retool to create and support this new Electric Car Industry.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing.
Building electric cars is much more environmentally friendly than manufacturing gas-powered vehicles. So our zero emissions cars benefit the environment in a number of ways, as well as fueling the economy.

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